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    Spring 2022 SGSL Rec - Interleague Rules

    Rules for 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, and Inter-League Rec Games


    Celebrating our 51st season, the purpose of the Smithfield Girl’s Softball League, is to give all eligible girls, ages 4 - 18, of all skill levels, the opportunity to play organized softball. The SGSL goals are to develop girls, both physically and mentally, in the area of team competition; to encourage, teach and promote good sportsmanship and fun; to learn the fundamental rules and skills of the game of softball; and to promote the growth and improvement of the League.

    The 2022 SGSL / RI Storm Board

    Smithfield Girls Softball / RI Storm are pleased to announce their Board of Directors for the 2022 season, please join us in welcoming the new Board:

    • Jenna Howard, President
    • Jacques Laflamme, Vice-President
    • Laura Handwerger, Secretary
    • Brandy Narducci, Treasurer
    • Brad Pollano, Equipment Manager
    • Tom Briggs, Safety Officer
    • Toni-Marie Achilli, Board Member
    • Todd Casazza, Board Member
    • Lenny Ellis, Board Member
    • Scott Lavallee, Board Member
    • Steve Marcaccio, Board Member
    • Paul McKenney, Board Member
    • Rob Rianna, Board Member

    It is with a heavy heart that we say so-long, but not good-bye, to our outgoing President, Mario Vendittelli. We would like to thank Mario for his many, many, years of service to SGSL and the Storm; as a coach, as tournament director and as our president, but most of all, we’d like to thank him for his leadership. Mario’s name has been synonymous with Smithfield Softball for the last several years - his countless hours of service, in all aspects of Softball, have guided SGSL / the Storm through years of significant growth and 18+ months of very hard-to-navigate times. 

    We are also saying so-long to long-time SGSL board member, coach and former league President, Scott Boyd - Scott lead us through transition, significant growth and several very busy tournament seasons.

    The entire Smithfield Softball community is eternally grateful for Scott and Mario's sacrifices, time and efforts !

    Congrats to our 2021 SGSL Sportmanship Award Recipients !!!!

    The Registration "Official Home of Smithfield Girls Softball" is not currently available.

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    Congratulations to SGSL's 2021 College Scholarship Award winners: 

    • Caitlyn Cacador – 2021 SGSL Caitlyn Adler Memorial Scholarship
    • Jessica Balcom – 2021 SGSL Megan Caron Memorial Scholarship

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    Contact Information

    Contact Information

    Smithfield Girls Softball League

    Phone: (603) 785-0100

    SGSL Mailing Address:

    Smithfield Girls Softball League

    PO Box 17393

    Smithfield RI 02917